How to get back into the school routine

Yesterday was my first day back at school after spring break, it was tough. After spring break every year there is this huge wave of not wanting to be productive. Each year on my way back to school I tell myself I won’t fall into it, but if yesterday is any indication of how the rest of the semester is going to go, this is going to be a long couple of weeks leading to finals. My brain (and heart) is still in Florida and I’m already missing the sunshine, Disney, family, and of course Troy. I started to cry on the plane cause I already missed it all so much.
To get myself back on track I need to get back into my routine. Back to the gym 3-4 days a week, back to classes and homework/study time. Back to marking down days on my countdown. I have such an amazing summer in store, but I have to finish this semester before I get there!
I am also going to slowly start packing. No rush, but I figure if I slowly start packing up everything and getting ready, it will be easier in a couple weeks when I don’t need to rush and pack like crazy.
How are you handling the post-spring break slump? Tell me in the comments!
Also-who watched the Bachelor finale last night??? I totally called it!

Weekend recap

I’m officially back in Indiana and back at the whole school thing. I picked Troy up lateThursday night (like midnight) and got to spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning together. Naturally, we went to Disney. More photos to come, but here’s a few highlights!


I didn’t want to give away all my adorable photos (which is a lot), so stay tuned for more Orlando memories! As of today it’s 45 days till the end of the semester, which is absolutely mind boggling to me. Time really flew!


How was your weekend? Let me know in the comments and link to any photos you might have! ­čÖé

Rock Springs adventure


Yesterday was spent relaxing at the springs with two beautiful friends! On our last day together before summer we wanted to go on an adventure. Somebody recommended this park (Kelly Park if anyone is interested in knowing) so we decided to check it out. We packed up our tubes (which was probably the biggest adventure), and drove out to the springs. It was absolutely beautiful!


It was really important to me that we spent some quality time together as three best friends. Back in middle school and high school it was just the three of us, but as life goes on our lives took new paths. We all ended up at different schools, all in different states, and new people came into our lives. We are forever best friends, it just now takes extra effort to spend time together just us three!


I hope everyone is living a fun and adventurous life! Remember to follow on social media to stay up to date on my Orlando adventures. In other news, I pick Troy up tonight… YAY!


Here’s a video of our time at the springs. For more videos check out the Memory Archives!

Music: You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home- Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus (I know, throwback)

Grey’s party and update

Yesterday was National Women’s Day, so to all the bad ass women out there, you rock! I spent my day with two of my loveliest friends having a Grey’s Anatomy party. I LOVE Grey’s!!! We watched episodes all day and it was the perfect way to relax!




I hope everyone is having an awesome hump day! I’ll be laying by the lazy river all day, of course, photos to come! I’m loving being at home, but oh my goodness I can’t wait for my guy to be home! I just have to get through today and tomorrow!

The last few days

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’ve had a busy couple days that I of course documented in photos!

Real fast; Who watched the Bachelor last night! Women tell all is always the best and worst episode. My heart hurt so much watching Caila rewatch her relationship with Ben!

Anyway, this week has been filled with a lot of Disney, which is rather bitter sweet because Disney is Troy and my favorite place and we always go together, Going without him has been kinda sad. I did my best to save some of our favorite Disney activities for when he comes back (I didn’t ride his favorite rides or eat his favorite foods).


Of course I had to go to one of my favorite place, Animal Kingdom! Like seriously, isn’t it beautiful???


When Trista (this gorgeous girl in the photos) and I were small kids we would go to Disney together all the time. This was the first time we got a Disney date in years, and it was definitely like going back in time. She’s perfection and I’m so lucky to call her my best friend!
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I hope everyone is having a magical week!

Sister date

If you follow me on social media (especially snapchat), you know that my sister and I had date day on Saturday. With Troy gone and her off work, I found it a great opportunity to do something adventurous.


We didn’t get to go on the Orlando Eye (even though I really wanted to), but we did spend the morning having a fabulous brunch at The Sugar Factory. Yes, that Sugar Factory. One JUST opened in Orlando and we were able to snag reservations before the grand opening. It was so fun and whimsical and the food was delicious.




After our sugary and delicious brunch we head outside to enjoy the Florida sun and the AMAZING view!




I know I don’t spend enough time with my sis, so when the opportunity came up I knew I couldn’t pass it up!



Sister date was certainly a success! One of these days I’m actually gonna get up on that awesome thing! I hear it is absolutely Amazing and you can see all of Orlando from it!

How did you spend your weekend? And I have to ask, do you think we look alike? Tell me in the comments!

Packing secrets

It’s ┬áliterally just a few hours before leaving for the airport and I’m still packing. Normally I am so ahead of the game, but this week has been so busy and I honestly just haven’t had time to do it. Anyway, even after bringing home clothes last trip and leaving them (in an effort to save room in my suitcase) I still found myself with NO ROOM. Time for operation pack.
Step one, lay the jeans flat. Rolling works for most everything else, but not jeans. Once everything else is in there you just have to fold the ends of the jeans over everything.


Next, this hat. I found it for $5 at Target yesterday and literally couldn’t resist. I filled the hat with four tank tops. Also in my shopping trip I grabbed a $3 pair of sunglasses and a dress… No, I needed none of that.


You know the drill, roll some shirts in your shoes. Each shoe got a shirt. When I pack boots I can sometimes fit as many as four or five shirts per boot. It really helped that for this trip I already had some shoes waiting for me at home from my last trip, had I not done that there’s no way I would have had room for another pair!


Now fill in the gaps. (YES those are EWOK SOCKS)!!! In the gaps I have like two pairs of sweatpants, two dresses, a few tops, a huge bear, and most of the necessities. Oh, and a Starbucks mug. All in a carry on suitcase. This suitcase also had a zipper pouch on the inside of the lid that I fit a few pairs of shorts and my tulle skirt.

Now I have to get to work on my personal item. I may have to throw in a shirt or two that didn’t make the cut in the carry on, but in general, I think I’m good.


What are your packing secrets? Let me know in the comments. Inspired by LDR blogs Packing